Corporate Consulting

Consulting services in preparing feasibility studies (CBA), planing, design, optimzation of logistic terminals and senarios for train operations between different countries and Turkey.

EU Projects, Strategy Development and ISO 37001

Senior expertise and consulting services in EU, World Bank and EBRD Projects regarding urban transportation systems, sustainable transportation, accessibility, ISO 37001 anti bribery system, capacity restrengthen of public institutions, technical assisstance, strategy development, twinning and transportation information management systems.

Training and Study Visits

Seminar, workshop, trainings and organization of technical trips for best practises in railways, light rail systems, urban transport, safety management systems, railway risk management, infrastructure accessibility and capacity allocation, train planing, new Technologies, intermodal terminals, traffic management systems and visiting of manufacturer facilities.

Supervision and Independent Safety and Quality Assessments

Consultancy and independent assessments of rolling stock in terms of TSI, ECM and independent safety assessments and NoBo, AsBo and DeBo certification services. Also, consultancy services in establishment of Safety Management Systems and gaining of train operator authorizations from the Ministry of Transport, railway construction supervision of infrastructure projects etc.

Tg Consulting - High Value Partner in Transportation and Railway Consulting, Safety and Quality Assessment, Strategy Planing and Corporate Consulting!

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